1. Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games are held every four years. The International Olympic Committee is the main body responsible and can grant countries the right to host the Games. Olympic is a sporting event that attracts the participation of most countries in the world. Therefore, the attraction of this sports event is huge. The Olympic Games are also the largest sporting events on the planet. It has a long history and was inspired by the sports competitions of the ancient Greeks.

2. FIFA World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup is a sporting event held every four years. Winning the FIFA World Cup is the goal of any national football team. So they played as if they were participating in a fight. Obviously, football is a king sport and its popularity outperforms any other sport. The first FIFA World Cup was held in 1930 and since then. The world has 32 times witnessed one of the most attractive and biggest sporting events on the planet.

3. UEFA Champions League.

The Champions League is the largest sporting event taking place in Europe. Participating in the tournament are 32 European clubs. They have to compete for months to win the highest honor. The UEFA Champions League is also known as the European Cup. The tournament was founded in 1955. Since then there has been a lot of improvement. The UEFA Champions League attracts the attention of almost everyone from around the world.

4. Formula 1 racing tournament.

Formula 1 is a professional racing event held throughout the year at various racing tracks around the world. The popularity of this sport is extremely large. And any Grand Prix sports event held will attract the attention of thousands of people. Initially, Formula 1 racing only had a few racetracks in some countries. But for now, the tournament can be held in almost every corner of the world.

5. Wimbledon tennis tournament

Wimbledon is held annually in June and July. At All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in England. This tournament started in 1877 and is the oldest professional tennis tournament. To play in the Wimbledon tournament and to win the championship is the dream of any professional tennis player. The appeal of this tournament is unimaginable.