At the Il Lombardia 2020- a famous sport competition in Italy, Belgian driver Remco Evenepoel unexpectedly crashed from a bridge down a ravine, causing him to break his pelvis and crush his lungs.

Remco Evenepoel bị tai nạn khá nặng /// Ảnh: Chụp màn hình

At the time of the accident, the 20-year-old man was fourth in the lead as he plunged and cornered on the Muro di Sormano Pass. Due to his inability to master the speed, Evenepoel’s bicycle crashed directly into the bridge wall, causing him to fly off the bridge and fall into the ravine below, approximately 10 m from the bridge surface.
Luckily, the medical staff were on time to give Evenepoel first aid before the ambulance took him to the hospital. Reports said: “Evenepoel was forced off the track at the last 50 km after a terrible accident that sent him down a canyon. When medical personnel come to check for injury, Evenepoel remains alert.

Tai nạn kinh hoàng khiến tay đua xe đạp rơi xuống khe núi - ảnh 1

Unfortunately, the X-ray results showed Evenepoel’s pelvic bone fracture and right pulmonary effusion, which will leave him sidelined in the near future. Evenepoel will continue to be monitored at the hospital before being transferred to Belgium next Sunday.
Evenepoel’s serious injury is also the second most serious accident that the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team has recently encountered. Before that, driver Tim Declercq also suffered serious injuries in France due to the effects of hail.

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During the race in Poland last week, fans of cycling also witnessed another terrible accident. A sprint in the last meters caused driver Fabio Jakobsen to fall into the roadside barrier. The Dutch driver had to resort to plastic surgery to treat his facial injuries.