Khamzat Chimaev is the fastest rising throne in the UFC. In just 66 days, the puncher nicknamed “Gray Wolf” had 3 wins ending the opponent, most recently a knockout punching Gerald Meerchaert at UFC 253 after just 17 seconds.

Playing continuously in two Welter-Middleweight grades, finding a worthy opponent for Khamzat is also a headache for Dana White. Too easy, Khamzat will lose its charisma, too difficult, the UFC will most likely destroy this fostered fist.

Given the choice of Stephen Thompson – who is ranked 5th at Welterweight, UFC hopes to bring a quality match to Khamzat. However, “Wonderboy” bluntly said no to this offer.
“I won’t fight him.” – Thompson confirmed. “That match simply doesn’t interest me right now. I am ranked 5th and have to fight an unrated fighter? Surely everyone understands what I mean. ”
“I fought a lot of opponents to get this position. And so many other boxers have made a similar effort to achieve their position, so why is he allowed to outdo everyone. “

Public opinion is currently divided into 2 streams of opinion, one supports Stephen Thompson and believes that this boxer deserves to meet other “valuable” punchers like Leon Edward – who is ranked 3rd in the weight category.
However, on the other hand, those who want to “test” the level of Khamzat Chimaev believe that Stephen Thompson is a reasonable choice. Furthermore, if he defeated someone who was attracting the attention of the media like Khamzat, Thompson had more reason to request a title match from the UFC.