Coutinho is injured, may miss the match against Juventus

Recently, the Barca home page posted an announcement about the injury situation of Philippe Coutinho. The home team of the Camp Nou said: “Sunday morning’s medical examination showed that Coutinho had an injury to his left thigh. That meant the player had to stop playing, how long it took depends on the level of injury“.

Coutinho started in the match against El Clasico and played the full 90 minutes. This player has appeared in 6 matches of the season so far (5 matches in La Liga and 1 match in Champions League) and scored 1 goal.

Returning from Bayern Munich because of the end of his loan agreement, Coutinho was revived under the new coach Ronald Koeman when he was placed as an attacking midfielder in the 4-2-3-1 chart. Brazilian midfielder Ansu Fati and Antoine Griezmann on the flanks support Lionel Messi.
The fact that Coutinho played sublimation also caused Griezmann to play against the forte in Barca currently. The French striker is suitable for a central role but is forced to play the wrong way. Former French player Bixente Lizarazu told Telefoot: “Griezmann no longer knows how to play football when he plays Barca. He can no longer find his position“.

Without Coutinho’s service, coach Koeman could place Griezmann in the center and give way to Francisco Trincao. If this happens, the match against Juventus on October 29 will be an opportunity for former Atletico Madrid player to prove his class.

Ramos was injured before the classic match

In the match against the underrated opponent Cadiz, Real Madrid, despite being appreciated and played at home, they suddenly lost 0-1 to coach Alvaro’s team.
Although Real’s failure did not make Zidane too worried, what bothered him most was the health of midfielder Sergio Ramos. Ramos had problems with his left and right knee left the field in the 46th minute. At that point, Zidane’s replacement was Eder Militao.

The extent of Ramos’s injury is still unknown. According to Marca, the French tactician was anxiously waiting for Ramos’ shooting results to determine the situation of former midfielder Sevilla.
If Ramos is seriously injured, the Spanish captain could miss the match against Shakhtar Donetsk in the first round of the Champions League group stage (October 21), especially the match to Barcelona in the 7th round of La Liga (24 /10).

More worryingly, Real now has 14 players with different problems from the preparation phase for the new season until the start of the 2020/21 season. Currently, Eden Hazard, Mariano, Martin Odegaard, Dani Carvajal and Alvaro Odriozola are the remaining names that need the care of the medical department.

Anthony Davis is ready to continue playing despite more serious injury

Anthony Davis immediately spoke about his heel injury during the press conference after the fifth match in the NBA Finals 2020 between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat ended. “Iguodala stepped on and aggravated it. I will be fine on October 11,” Davis revealed with a heel injury.

Davis relapsed into a heel injury after a kick-off situation with Iguodala. The 27-year-old immediately clutched his ankles with a painful expression and limped off the field. Davis was forced to leave the field for a short time in the first half due to a collision with Iguodala. He left the field with 48.4 seconds left in the first half. After that, he returned with about 8 minutes remaining in the second half.

Davis’s injury clearly worried the Lakers when they were only one win away from the championship. Davis plays an important role with the Lakers in attack and defense. “He tried to play with his injured heel. He tried to move a little bit but was difficult. We’ll see how he feels,” said Lakers head coach Frank Vogel.

Despite his early injury, Davis still tried to play the full match. He has 28 points and 12 rebounds (catch the ball to turn the board) in 42 minutes. “He’s a fighter. We know the cracks, bruises and the bumps he’s been through throughout the season,” LeBron James said of Davis’s condition.

Stephen Thompson explains the ‘dodge’ the gray wolf Khamzat Chimaev

Khamzat Chimaev is the fastest rising throne in the UFC. In just 66 days, the puncher nicknamed “Gray Wolf” had 3 wins ending the opponent, most recently a knockout punching Gerald Meerchaert at UFC 253 after just 17 seconds.

Playing continuously in two Welter-Middleweight grades, finding a worthy opponent for Khamzat is also a headache for Dana White. Too easy, Khamzat will lose its charisma, too difficult, the UFC will most likely destroy this fostered fist.

Given the choice of Stephen Thompson – who is ranked 5th at Welterweight, UFC hopes to bring a quality match to Khamzat. However, “Wonderboy” bluntly said no to this offer.
“I won’t fight him.” – Thompson confirmed. “That match simply doesn’t interest me right now. I am ranked 5th and have to fight an unrated fighter? Surely everyone understands what I mean. ”
“I fought a lot of opponents to get this position. And so many other boxers have made a similar effort to achieve their position, so why is he allowed to outdo everyone. “

Public opinion is currently divided into 2 streams of opinion, one supports Stephen Thompson and believes that this boxer deserves to meet other “valuable” punchers like Leon Edward – who is ranked 3rd in the weight category.
However, on the other hand, those who want to “test” the level of Khamzat Chimaev believe that Stephen Thompson is a reasonable choice. Furthermore, if he defeated someone who was attracting the attention of the media like Khamzat, Thompson had more reason to request a title match from the UFC.

Lee Jae Yeong: How was the most beautiful star in KOVO Cup injured?

This season, the Heungkuk Life team, in addition to adding Kim Yeon Koung – the number 1 star in Korea, is still there in the lineup of other prominent stars. Typically among them is the beautiful goddess, passing two Lee Jae Yeong in the team. Referring to the most beautiful star in Korea, the world volleyball fans all remember the beautiful, personality and mischievous girl in the team matches.

The famous twins in the Korean women’s volleyball village this season still stand side by side in the unbeaten squad at the 2020 KOVO Cup. of “hot girl volleyball of Kim Chi” always made the audience ecstatic.

KOVO Cup 2020 is entering the series at the end of the group stage, the emerging Heungkuk Life team is a candidate for this season’s title, having not lost a set in the last 3 matches. In the second match of the group stage, beautiful star Lee Jae Yeong suffered an injury that left her chance to play open.

After the medical examination, fortunately it was not a serious injury that greatly affected his chances to play in the next round. Lee Jae Yeong was diagnosed with a sprained ligament between the right knee, due to a temporary impact on the ligament and causing pain and cramps. Currently the beautiful girl is resting and considering the chance to play in the next match.

Lee Jae Yeong is not only famous for his beauty, good football, but also for his “rebellion” on the football field. There are continuously short clips depicting her rebellion when teasing teammates, referees … Sometimes she even thinks of holding a sign instead and replacing herself on the field to attract attention. of the reporter lens.

Thanks to her popularity, during the time Korea faced Covid-19 pandemic, Lee Jae Yeong switched to MC work for a weekly volleyball magazine program. Owning a large number of fans in Korea helps the TV show to attract a large number of viewers.

4 body parts that are susceptible to swimming injuries

Swimming is an extremely healthy sport. The floating effect of water helps to lift the body, reducing the risk of injury.
In addition, swimming is also a great hydrotherapy method for patients with bone and joint problems. Many people think that swimming is very safe due to the low injury rate. However, swimming injuries are very common and are common in parts of the body such as the shoulders, hips, knees and back.

Injury to the shoulder while swimming
The shoulder is the most susceptible to swimming injury. This is because swimming moves require a lot of movement in the shoulder. Swimming hand blows often require one-way activities and no reverse exercises. Thus, long-term deflection in muscle groups leads to injury.

A tendon supraspinatus is also very susceptible to swimming injuries. This is a small muscle that runs from the tip of the shoulder blade to the tip of the arm. Improper swimming can also lead to inflammation in this muscle.

Injury to the spine
In fact, many swimmers suffer from back pain. Several scientific studies have shown that disc degeneration or misalignment occurs in frequent swimmers such as athletes. The most common diseases in them are degenerative disc degeneration of the last vertebra and first cervical vertebrae.
The cause of this situation can be due to improper swimming techniques. Many swimmers have their chest raised above the allowable level, leading to overactive low back muscles. This leads to higher pressure on the spine.
Besides, some swimmers are also breathing improperly. They often raise their heads too high and breathe forward. Hence increases the impact on the backbone. To overcome this, it is necessary to gently turn the head to one side while breathing and do not lift the head too high out of the water.

In addition, swings and turns while swimming can also cause spinal curvatures. In the long term, it can cause quite dangerous trauma to the spine area. If possible, bring the knee to the chest and minimize the curl of the spine when turning and turning.

Injury to the hip while swimming
Scientists have studied that groin injuries are the most common of those swimming hip injuries. In fact, there are many frog swimmers who are unable to continue swimming due to groin and hip injuries.
Risk factors for hip injury while swimming are water repulsion movements. Spanking kicks increase your risk of knee and hip injuries. Therefore, the practitioner needs to seriously follow the right technique and regularly change the swimming style to minimize injury in this area.

Injury to the knee
Another common injury while swimming is knee pain. When you step on your foot to fan the water, you can apply considerable force to the muscles and joints around the knee. However, the main cause of knee pain is irritation of the kneecap.
Risk factors for knee injury are due to incorrect technique in swimming frog. The swimmer kicks his leg too wide leading to the affected knee. Also, the pain in the front of the knee can be caused by the swimmer flexing the knee excessively while doing the frog swimming technique.

Djokovic injured the day back

World number one player Novak Djokovic had to call for medical care, in the midst of winning Ricardas Berankis 7-6, 6-4 in the second round of Western & Southern Open on the evening of August 24.
The pain in Djokovic’s neck had to retreat in the double match. In the singles match at the latest of the day, he had to play in a bad condition. After the first set, Djokovic needed the medical attention of ATP therapist Clay Sniteman.

“Things are getting better,” Djokovic told ATP after his neck injury. “I have been in pain for four days now, but I am slowly recovering. Hope I don’t get inflammation after this game. We will monitor the situation in the coming days.”
The injury affects Djokovic’s performance. In both sets, he was led by Berankis. Djokovic struggled to win his eighth game of blocking to pull his tie-break first set – where he won 7-2. In the following set, the Serbian player lost two delivery games, was led 2-4 but won the last four games to determine the score 7-6, 6-4. During the game, Djokovic made seven double mistakes.

Injury caused a lot of problems for me,” said Djokovic. “I make a lot of double mistakes, and the opponent also knows exactly where I’m going to serve. I don’t have a lot of options in this kind of condition. Berankis played very well, hit the ball at high speed and I did. Try to win every game “.
Djokovic remains unbeaten in 2020 with 19 wins. He also won 18 of the last 19 tie-break series. The match in New York on the evening of August 24 was the first time he played at ATP in half a year. In the third round, Djokovic will meet Tennys Sandgren.

Fans were struck by lightning at a professional golf tournament in the US

The third round of the Tour Championship professional golf tournament in Atlanta, USA was suspended after six fans were injured in a lightning strike.

The incident happened at a professional golf tournament in the US belonging to the PGA Tour system with the participation of 30 top golfers in the world and up to $ 15 million in prizes. While two golfers Justin Thomas and Brooks Koepka were trying to complete the 5th hole, there suddenly appeared lightning.
A representative of the PGA Tour said lightning struck a tree near the 16th tee (teeing ground). The debris from the lightning injured 6 fans. Specifically, 5 people were taken to an ambulance to the hospital in the area for medical care. A remaining fan was given first aid on the spot.

Tyler Dennis, Head of PGA Tour Operations and Mark Russell, PGA Tour’s Vice President of Rules & Competition immediately agreed to suspend the third round of the 2019 Tour Championship and be resumed only. the morning of August 25.

“The injury of 6 fans is not life-threatening. However, we still decided to suspend the game because we did not want any unfortunate events to happen. Safety is a top priority for them. “I am,” said Tyler Dennis, Chief Operating Officer of PGA Tour.

In 1991, lightning killed 1 man and injured 5 others while hiding under a tree at the US Open professional golf tournament.

Overview of lightning strikes at professional golf Tour Championship:

Beauty of Germany’s volleyball team

German number one player Louisa Lippmann attracts attention for her talent and attracts all eyes thanks to her beautiful look like a doll.

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Lippmann is one of the top players in the world right now. The beauty was born in 1994, possesses a height of 1.91 m, with an attack power of up to 3.19 m. She always stands out on the field because she is the leading scorer, with a beautiful face, white skin and high nose bridge.

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She played professional volleyball at the age of 16. In 2013, Lippmann started playing for the national team at the age of 19. A year later, she joined Germany to win a gold medal at the Montreux international tournament.

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In 2016, Lippman joined the Schwerin army, which is led by a national coach. She has more time to perfect herself, and with her new team that won 2 championships in Germany, became the highest transferable batter and was voted “German Volleyball Player of 2017. “

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Lippmann always shows dynamism and harmony on the field. However, she admitted to the completely opposite personality before: “I was impatient with my progress. I quickly became stubborn and disappointed, “the 25-year-old girl shared with Welt.

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Under the direction of the new coach, Lippman improved rapidly. Since 2017, she has become the mainstay of the German national team when competing in international tournaments. At the 2018 World Championship, Lippmann and his teammates shocked Brazil with a score of 3-2, in which the beauty wearing the number 11 shirt scored 36 points.

Leaving a great mark in the world’s top league, Lippmann received many attractive invitations from famous teams. She joined Italy’s Bisonte for the 2018/19 season, before joining Shanghai for the finals of the Chinese National Championship for the 2019/20 season.

Busy with tournaments during the year, Lippmann does not have much time with family and relatives. She and her boyfriend have less chance of being together because they travel often. “Maybe I’ll get him to visit one time or another, and bring some things with me,” Lippmann shared humorously.

Terrifying accident causing the cyclist to fall down the ravine

At the Il Lombardia 2020- a famous sport competition in Italy, Belgian driver Remco Evenepoel unexpectedly crashed from a bridge down a ravine, causing him to break his pelvis and crush his lungs.

Remco Evenepoel bị tai nạn khá nặng /// Ảnh: Chụp màn hình

At the time of the accident, the 20-year-old man was fourth in the lead as he plunged and cornered on the Muro di Sormano Pass. Due to his inability to master the speed, Evenepoel’s bicycle crashed directly into the bridge wall, causing him to fly off the bridge and fall into the ravine below, approximately 10 m from the bridge surface.
Luckily, the medical staff were on time to give Evenepoel first aid before the ambulance took him to the hospital. Reports said: “Evenepoel was forced off the track at the last 50 km after a terrible accident that sent him down a canyon. When medical personnel come to check for injury, Evenepoel remains alert.

Tai nạn kinh hoàng khiến tay đua xe đạp rơi xuống khe núi - ảnh 1

Unfortunately, the X-ray results showed Evenepoel’s pelvic bone fracture and right pulmonary effusion, which will leave him sidelined in the near future. Evenepoel will continue to be monitored at the hospital before being transferred to Belgium next Sunday.
Evenepoel’s serious injury is also the second most serious accident that the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team has recently encountered. Before that, driver Tim Declercq also suffered serious injuries in France due to the effects of hail.

Tai nạn kinh hoàng khiến tay đua xe đạp rơi xuống khe núi - ảnh 2

During the race in Poland last week, fans of cycling also witnessed another terrible accident. A sprint in the last meters caused driver Fabio Jakobsen to fall into the roadside barrier. The Dutch driver had to resort to plastic surgery to treat his facial injuries.