Basic basketball rules

Basketball has become a developed sport in many nations in recent years. However, not everyone is knowledgeable about the basic rules of basketball currently applied in professional basketball tournaments today.
Rules of the team participating in basketball competitions
Composition of a basketball team includes:

  • The maximum number of players in a team is 12, including the captain of the team.
  • Each basketball team has only 1 coach or an additional assistant coach.
  • In the team seating area, there will be a maximum of five members to sit in this area, including doctors, massage assistants …
    Each team will have 5 athletes, participate in competition on the field, and can become a substitute, when replaced by the coach.
Bóng rổ, luật bóng rổ, luật bóng rổ 2020

NBA basketball rules

  • The shirt of the athletes when participating in the competition, of a team, must be the same color both front and back, and the shirt must be in the pants when competing.
  • The pants of the athletes during the competition need to have uniformity, in color both front and back. For competition pants, it is not necessary to match the shirt color.
  • The pants worn by a competitor may be longer than the outer pants, requiring the same color as the competition pants.
  • The number of shirts must be in accordance with the law of basketball to ensure a clear team.
    If a player is injured, then the game will be suspended.
  • When the ball is dead (the ball cannot be moved), the umpire will suspend the match.
  • When the ball is live, wait until the end of the ball the referee blew the whistle to pause.
    In the event that a player feels that a player may be seriously injured, the referee may stop the game immediately to protect the player.
  • Change when a player is injured and does not recover when more than 15 seconds. Need to replace new people or teams will have to play without enough 5 people.
  • The doctor has the right to intervene without the permission of the umpire when he realizes that a player on the field needs urgent intervention.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the basketball law, a player who is injured and has bleeding does not stop will not be allowed to play.
  • A player who has been injured by the registration team can replace a substitute player.
    Regulations on the half and the time to play according to basketball rules
    Time of a basketball match
  • The duration of a basketball half will be within 10 minutes.
  • The break time between halves is 2 minutes including extra time, only the break between the 2nd and 3rd periods is 15 minutes.
  • The preparation time before the game starts is 20 minutes.
  • If in the fourth half of the match the score of the match is still indeterminate, the match will be pushed to extra innings. The time for each extra period will be 5 minutes and the two teams will play until the results are different.
  • If the umpire determines that a foul has occurred at the time the signal notifying the end of playing time, the free throws will be taken immediately after the end of the playing time.
    Basketball rules (during match play)
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  • In the rules of basketball regulation, athletes can use their hands to handle the ball and can use methods such as holding the ball, passing the ball, rolling the ball.
  • Players who use any other part of the body such as, legs, shoulders, chest … to control the ball will be counted as breaking the law. However, if accidentally contacting the ball with the ball does not count as breaking the law.
    A player who touches the ball from the bottom with his hand (like a volleyball action) will be considered a violation of basketball law.

Boxer was assigned to assassinate Hitler (Part 1)

Igor Myklashevsky is a Soviet boxer, once recognized by the world champion Max Schmeling for talent. However, the name Myklashevsky was named in history entirely not because of the victories on the ring, but because he was assigned by NKVD (the predecessor agency of the KGB) to assassinate Adolf Hitler.
The assassination plan was well prepared so that the German counterintelligence had no doubts at all. But at the last moment, Moscow ordered the cancellation of the plan. Let’s find out why a promising Soviet athlete became a super agent of NKVD …
Important goal
For both the Soviet intelligence agencies and the German Secret Service during World War II there was always a permanent mission – to destroy the leader of the enemy country. Although the opinions of historians have so far been inconsistent, it is almost certain that each side will suffer the damage caused by this effort.

Vo si quyen Anh duoc giao nhiem vu am sat Hitler

In 1943, the German Secret Service drafted a plan to assassinate the leader of Stalin, more accurately, at the same time killing all heads of allies in the Allies (that is, both British Prime Minister Churchill and US President). Roosevelt) during the Summit in Tehran. The commander of this campaign was Otto Scorzeny, famous for his successful rescue of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini of Italy.
But the plot was discovered and stopped by Soviet intelligence. The second attempt was also broken down by Moscow in time to capture the reactionary Piotr Szylo, who was about to assassinate the Soviet leader with a grenade launcher in 1944.

Vo si quyen Anh duoc giao nhiem vu am sat Hitler-Hinh-2

As for Soviet intelligence, the plan to destroy Hitler had been considered since 1938. Hitler was often present at a beer pub, so he planned to bomb the site. Stalin rejected the proposal at that time, especially after the Soviet-German peace treaty was signed in 1939, and the plan was officially rejected.

Big sports events of the world in 2020

Asian U23 Championship (8-26 January)

diem danh nhung su kien the thao lon cua the gioi nam 2020

Asian U23 tournament is an important event of Asian teams (including U23 Vietnam). This tournament will determine three tickets for the 2020 Olympic Games. This is the goal of U23 Vietnam before entering the tournament. Park Hang Seo’s army is full of confidence when entering the tournament as a runner-up.
Four Grand Slams of tennis
From January 20 to February 2, the Australian Open will take place. In May (from May 24 to June 7) was the Roland Garros, followed by the Wimbledon from June 29 to July 12 and finally the US Open from August 31 to September 13.

Biggest Tennis Tournaments Globally – Betting On The Biggest

Four main golf tournaments
The four main tournaments of the golf village will take place as follows: The Masters (April 9-12), PGA Championship (May 14-17), US Open (June 18-21), and The Open Championship (16-19 / 7). The Ryder Cup team tournament takes place from September 25-27.
Play-offs and NBA finals
The play-off round of the American professional basketball tournament (NBA) will take place from April 19. The series of NBA finals take place on 5/6. Earlier, the NBA All-Star Game 2020 match took place on February 16.
Champions League final (May 30)
The Champions League final of the 2019/20 season takes place in Istanbul on May 30. This year, the grave tone promises to witness the extremely fierce race. Defending champions Liverpool will not be easy to successfully defend the champion.
Euro 2020 (12 / 6-12 / 7)
Euro 2020 is the most important tournament of world football this year, bringing together 24 top European teams. Even in terms of attractiveness, Euro 2020 is more appreciated at the World Cup because the teams in Europe are of high quality and uniform. The tournament will take place within 1 month from 12/6 to 12/7. Portugal is the defending champion of the tournament.
Olympic 2020 (24 / 7-31 / 12)
Immediately after Euro 2020, the world fans will be watching the 2020 Olympic Games held in Japan. This is the most attractive tournament of the world sports village with the participation of 206 countries. The 2020 Olympics will see the competition of 11,091 athletes in 33 sports with 339 medal sets.
AFF Cup 2020 (November 23-31)
The AFF Cup is the most important football event in Southeast Asia. Two years after winning the championship, the Vietnamese team will face the difficult task of retaining the throne, when both Indonesia and Thailand invite “good” coaches from Korea and Japan. It is expected that by mid-2020, AFF will hold a draw for this tournament.

The famous sporting event in the world

1. Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games are held every four years. The International Olympic Committee is the main body responsible and can grant countries the right to host the Games. Olympic is a sporting event that attracts the participation of most countries in the world. Therefore, the attraction of this sports event is huge. The Olympic Games are also the largest sporting events on the planet. It has a long history and was inspired by the sports competitions of the ancient Greeks.

2. FIFA World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup is a sporting event held every four years. Winning the FIFA World Cup is the goal of any national football team. So they played as if they were participating in a fight. Obviously, football is a king sport and its popularity outperforms any other sport. The first FIFA World Cup was held in 1930 and since then. The world has 32 times witnessed one of the most attractive and biggest sporting events on the planet.

3. UEFA Champions League.

The Champions League is the largest sporting event taking place in Europe. Participating in the tournament are 32 European clubs. They have to compete for months to win the highest honor. The UEFA Champions League is also known as the European Cup. The tournament was founded in 1955. Since then there has been a lot of improvement. The UEFA Champions League attracts the attention of almost everyone from around the world.

4. Formula 1 racing tournament.

Formula 1 is a professional racing event held throughout the year at various racing tracks around the world. The popularity of this sport is extremely large. And any Grand Prix sports event held will attract the attention of thousands of people. Initially, Formula 1 racing only had a few racetracks in some countries. But for now, the tournament can be held in almost every corner of the world.

5. Wimbledon tennis tournament

Wimbledon is held annually in June and July. At All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in England. This tournament started in 1877 and is the oldest professional tennis tournament. To play in the Wimbledon tournament and to win the championship is the dream of any professional tennis player. The appeal of this tournament is unimaginable.

Top 20 world-famous sports newspapers (Part 1)


ESPN: Serving sports fans. Anytime. Anywhere.

ESPN, formerly the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is a sports-focused television channel that launched on September 7, 1979, and broadcast 24 hours a day. The channel was founded by Scott Rasmussen and his father Bill Rasmussen under the guidance of Chet Simmons, who would later become the network’s first president and CEO.
ESPN brings to the audience exciting and exciting sports shows taking place in the world. With over 5,000 live broadcast hours each year, ESPN delivers more than 65 sports events around the world, including four professional sports leagues: MLB (Major League Baseball – baseball), NBA (National Basketball – basketball), NFL (National Football League – rugby), NHL (National Hockey League – hockey). ESPN’s popular programs are SportsCentre, Sports Asia, Football Asia, Champions League live broadcast, and tennis Grand Slams for sports-loving audiences. Over 100 million households in the US and 150 countries use ESPN International. The ESPN brand in Asia has disappeared and has been renamed Fox International Channels by Fox International Asia, but in some countries like China, India and South Asian countries, they still retain the name ESPN.

The National Football League, or NFL for short, is an American rugby league for men. There are 32 teams attending. The tournament was started in 1920 and went through two mergers with the AAFC (American Football Rugby League) and AFC (American Football League). The tournament takes place from the first Thursday of September and ends the first Sunday of February next year. The tournament has 3 phases: the beginning of the season takes place about 2 weeks at the end of August, the official season takes place in 3 months to the new year and the playoff round takes place in 1 month of the new year. The final is called the Super Bowl and is considered an unofficial festival in the US. The nearest champion of New England Patriots, after beating Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in the Super Bowl.

Major League Baseball is the professional sports organization for baseball and is also the oldest of the four major professional sports federations in the United States and Canada.

One of the leading sports news sites in the US and the world.

One of the major American sports TV channels.

Goal newspaper page specializes in global football news and the world’s largest professional.

Major American sports channel.


Considered the sports social network, the place to exchange and share the latest sports news through social networks Facebook and Twitter.

The National Basketball Association is the professional basketball tournament of the best players in North America and is considered by many to be the top professional basketball tournament of the world’s top players.

National Hockey League of America’s national sports league.
Ice hockey is a team sport played on the ice, in which participants use their skateboarding sticks to hit the ball into the opponent’s net. It is an athletic sport with fast movement speed. Ice hockey is most common in areas that are cold enough to form a seasonal ice sheet with a natural, safe stiffness, such as in Canada, Czech Republic, Latvia, Scandinavia, Finland, Russia, Slovakia. , Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the region are located in the northern latitudes of the United States.

3 most common injuries in basketball

Basketball is one of the sports that has a lot of bumps. In parallel with the pleasure of scoring or winning is a dark side with injuries and risks affecting daily life.

Injury in basketball has many types, can come from a variety of collisions and therefore, the severity is also very different.

This article will summarize the 5 most common injuries in basketball based on statistics from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

Injuries will be sorted by popularity and body part, along with prevention or measures to limit the likelihood of injury during competition.

1. Injury of the ankles and feet

Injury to the lower limb area is most likely to occur based on many statistics done in basketball history, especially in the lower limb group, ankles and feet.

Whether it’s flipping your ankles to the ground, flipping due to side forces or accidentally stepping on someone else’s feet, basketball often makes players vulnerable to injury in this area.

Particularly for foot injuries, the severity will be quite complicated because of the bone structure in this area. So if the pain persists, you need to go immediately to a medical facility or an orthopedic hospital for a scan and get the best results.

In order to minimize ankle and foot injuries, the person in need of support needs extra support. The most basic thing a baller can wear is a pair of standard shoes.

Basketball shoes often have very good support for the ankles. Particularly for the low-neck shoes, the design team will compensate by increasing the balance (adding anti-roll edges in the buffer, reinforcing upper on the sides of the feet …).

3. Injury to the hip and thigh

Speeding, jumping, turning or turning are activities that put a lot of pressure on a player’s legs and thighs, leaving them facing the possibility of injury.

In the thigh area, the quadriceps muscle is strong and strong. But injuries that occur in this area will take a long time to recover completely. In the back of the thigh, the hamstring is a commonly injured part, typically from the NBA is Chris Paul.

In the groin and hip areas, a torn or stretched hip muscle can also occur if the player is subjected to a high impact when competing or landing in an uncomfortable position.

Collisions are inevitable and cannot be prevented. But the best way for the body to withstand a collision is to improve overall strength and especially to warm up before training or competition. In addition, booting the hip is also extremely important but often overlooked by players.

The more hot and flexible the tendons, muscles, ligaments are, and the player will limit the ability to stretch these groups, leading to injuries.

3. Knee injury

Serious injuries such as stretching / tearing / ligament rupture are not so common in basketball compared to other collision sports. But this is still the 3rd most common type of injury in basketball.

Improving the strength of the leg muscles will help increase the ability to support the knee. Note that improving strength doesn’t mean “stuffing” a lot of weight into these muscle groups. Instead, players should balance the power up with exercises to increase flexibility.

In addition, starting well before practicing basketball or competition will also help reduce the likelihood of injury. If a player has had a knee injury, consider using support accessories such as knee pads or KT tapes.