This season, the Heungkuk Life team, in addition to adding Kim Yeon Koung – the number 1 star in Korea, is still there in the lineup of other prominent stars. Typically among them is the beautiful goddess, passing two Lee Jae Yeong in the team. Referring to the most beautiful star in Korea, the world volleyball fans all remember the beautiful, personality and mischievous girl in the team matches.

The famous twins in the Korean women’s volleyball village this season still stand side by side in the unbeaten squad at the 2020 KOVO Cup. of “hot girl volleyball of Kim Chi” always made the audience ecstatic.

KOVO Cup 2020 is entering the series at the end of the group stage, the emerging Heungkuk Life team is a candidate for this season’s title, having not lost a set in the last 3 matches. In the second match of the group stage, beautiful star Lee Jae Yeong suffered an injury that left her chance to play open.

After the medical examination, fortunately it was not a serious injury that greatly affected his chances to play in the next round. Lee Jae Yeong was diagnosed with a sprained ligament between the right knee, due to a temporary impact on the ligament and causing pain and cramps. Currently the beautiful girl is resting and considering the chance to play in the next match.

Lee Jae Yeong is not only famous for his beauty, good football, but also for his “rebellion” on the football field. There are continuously short clips depicting her rebellion when teasing teammates, referees … Sometimes she even thinks of holding a sign instead and replacing herself on the field to attract attention. of the reporter lens.

Thanks to her popularity, during the time Korea faced Covid-19 pandemic, Lee Jae Yeong switched to MC work for a weekly volleyball magazine program. Owning a large number of fans in Korea helps the TV show to attract a large number of viewers.