According to RT (Russia), the famous American woman driver and television personality, Jessi Combs, lost her life in a crash trying to set a speed record in a race in 2019. Combs has died in 39 years old in the desert of Alvord, Oregon (USA) while conquering the speed of 996km / h.

Kỷ lục chấn động thế giới đua xe: Nữ tay đua phóng tốc độ 841km/h - 1

According to Autoblog, when in trouble, the car of Combs is trying to aim at a speed of 996 km / h. When a jet-powered car was rushing, the front wheel crashed, possibly due to a collision with an object and causing her an accident, then died.
Combs, once called “the fastest woman to ride a four-wheel-drive”. She set an impressive record in 2013 when she reached 398 mph (641km / h). But the women’s speeding record was 512 miles / h (824km / h), set by Kitty O’Neil in 1976, so the 39-year-old female athlete decided to crush this achievement, unfortunately, she met. accident on the track.

Jessi Combs posthumously earns women's land speed Guinness World ...

Recently RT (Russia) said that the Guinness Book of Records officially recognized the speed record of Combs, they confirmed when the car crashed, it reached 522,783mph (841km / h) and this is a record endless wealth of minerals.
Answering this, Terry Madden, partner of female racer Jessi Combs, said on Twitter: “No record can bring her back. But it is a goal that she wants to conquer and make. I’m very proud of her. Jessi woke up that morning, saying “let’s make history” and we did it “