The third round of the Tour Championship professional golf tournament in Atlanta, USA was suspended after six fans were injured in a lightning strike.

The incident happened at a professional golf tournament in the US belonging to the PGA Tour system with the participation of 30 top golfers in the world and up to $ 15 million in prizes. While two golfers Justin Thomas and Brooks Koepka were trying to complete the 5th hole, there suddenly appeared lightning.
A representative of the PGA Tour said lightning struck a tree near the 16th tee (teeing ground). The debris from the lightning injured 6 fans. Specifically, 5 people were taken to an ambulance to the hospital in the area for medical care. A remaining fan was given first aid on the spot.

Tyler Dennis, Head of PGA Tour Operations and Mark Russell, PGA Tour’s Vice President of Rules & Competition immediately agreed to suspend the third round of the 2019 Tour Championship and be resumed only. the morning of August 25.

“The injury of 6 fans is not life-threatening. However, we still decided to suspend the game because we did not want any unfortunate events to happen. Safety is a top priority for them. “I am,” said Tyler Dennis, Chief Operating Officer of PGA Tour.

In 1991, lightning killed 1 man and injured 5 others while hiding under a tree at the US Open professional golf tournament.

Overview of lightning strikes at professional golf Tour Championship: