In UFC, the referee’s decision has a significant influence on the matches that take place in all 5 innings. Sometimes, the boxers’ competition is inversely proportional to the referee’s score.


Alexander Volkanovski (left) and Max Holloway (UFC 251, 11/7). The game caused fans to debate, after the referee decided the winner was Volkanovski. Holloway knocked the opponent down twice in the first half and started leading the score. American boxers have more shots on target than Volkanovski after 3 rounds, respectively 31-20, 34-26, 25-22. Holloway repeatedly kicks the correct kick on the opponent’s head, but the total score after 5 rounds and the aggressive fighting style of Volkanovski help him win the final.


St. Georges St. Pierre (left) and Johny Hendricks (UFC 167, 2013). Most fans think that Hendricks must be the winner and own the middleweight title. According to the statistics after the match, the former Canadian boxer is only higher than the opponent in the number of strong impact attacks (45.7% compared to 43.8%). While Hendricks had a higher number of hits (56.3% compared to 51%), the knockout rate was equal to St. Pierre, and once made the opponent surrender. Hendricks no longer had a chance to rematch when St. Pierre retired.


Quinton Jackson (left) and Lyoto Machida (UFC 123, 2010). Jackson himself was surprised to win against the Brazilian opponent. According to the statistics after the match, Machida has a higher number of hits and hits than the opponent. He also once fell down with Jackson. Although Machida outperformed Jackson, President Dana White agreed with the referee’s decision and refused to hold a rematch.


Carlos Condit (left) and Nick Diaz (UFC 143, 2012). Fans argue a lot when Diaz was not given a temporary semi-middle championship title after his defeat to Condit. According to statistics, Condit has higher number of hits and hits than Americans, but not too big difference (48.3% compared to 45.3% and 47.2% compared to 42.7 %). However, Diaz once knocked Condit to the floor. Most believe that Diaz has a higher attack speed than his opponent. President White said it was Condit’s clever counter-attack tactic.


Michael Bisping (left) and Matt Hamill (UFC 75, 2007). The legendary Bisping is said to be lucky to be recognized as a victory over Hamill. Match statistics show the inconsistency of the referee, Hamill has a higher rate than the opponent in the number of hits, the number of strong impact, and the number of falls. Even American boxers injured Bisping and bloodshed right from the first half. He had 6 times to knock down opponents. After the match, Bisping’s best friend also said that the 41-year-old former star was the loser.