The presidential candidate of Barcelona attacked Real Madrid

Joan Laporta, Barcelona presidential candidate, said that Real Madrid has benefited from VAR’s decisions this season
If a Martian comes down to Earth and sees the VAR, he will quickly say that the decisions are always in Real Madrid’s favor,” Laporta told Marca.
“Barcelona should have won more of the Champions League. We will restore Barcelona’s success in the Champions League. I also want to say that, during my previous tenure as president of Barcelona, Real Madrid did not win any Champions League ”, Mr. Laporta continued.

Arteta reveals the possibility of using Ozil

Coach Mikel Arteta said he would reevaluate Mesut Oezil’s future at Arsenal by the end of January. Arsenal are looking to purge a series of players in the January transfer window and therefore, Ozil will have the opportunity to return to the “Gunners” squad. The German midfielder has not been on Arsenal’s listings in the Premier League and Europa League this season. However, Arteta can still enter the name Oezil in the second phase of the season
“We’ll wait and see what happens in Techmart and we will assess the situation when January ends,” replied Arteta when asked about Ozil’s case.

Bruno Fernandes revealed MU’s only mistake against Aston Villa

MU won 2-1 against Aston Villa to rise to equal points with Liverpool. However, at the end of that match, Aston Villa rose strongly and pushed MU into a difficult situation. After the victory against Aston Villa, Bruno Fernandes said that MU needs to take advantage of the opportunity to finish the match soon.
“I think MU needs to finish better because in the match against Leicester, we were held off when the opponent had 1 goal at the end of the game,” said Bruno Fernandes.
“The only mistake we make is that we have many chances to score but we cannot take advantage of it. We should have finished the game sooner. MU did not score a third goal and let Aston Villa pressure at the end of the game, “said Bruno Fernandes.