Cassius Chaney boxer surprised many by launching a punch that made his opponent Joel Caudle fly off the floor.

The match between Cassius Chaney and Joel Caudle in the US boxing tournament has made many people murmur when there is a very nice knock-out phase. This situation took place right in the first half. Taking advantage of the opponent’s sluggishness, Cassius Chaney has constantly put pressure.
And when the match took about 2 minutes, Cassius Chaney delivered an accurate punch that shocked Joel Caudle. The fighter stumbled and flew to the floor.

Võ sĩ tung ra cú đấm kinh hoàng, đối thủ 120kg bay khỏi sàn đấu - 1

After that, Joel Caudle did not give up and continued to play. However, just a few seconds later, the referee announced the end of the match to ensure the safety of Joel Caudle.

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It is worth mentioning that this is the third time in Joel Caudle’s career that the opponent punched him off the floor (though this boxer weighs 120kg). Meanwhile, Cassius Chaney continues to show his strength when he has the 16th consecutive victory in his career