Asian U23 Championship (8-26 January)

diem danh nhung su kien the thao lon cua the gioi nam 2020

Asian U23 tournament is an important event of Asian teams (including U23 Vietnam). This tournament will determine three tickets for the 2020 Olympic Games. This is the goal of U23 Vietnam before entering the tournament. Park Hang Seo’s army is full of confidence when entering the tournament as a runner-up.
Four Grand Slams of tennis
From January 20 to February 2, the Australian Open will take place. In May (from May 24 to June 7) was the Roland Garros, followed by the Wimbledon from June 29 to July 12 and finally the US Open from August 31 to September 13.

Biggest Tennis Tournaments Globally – Betting On The Biggest

Four main golf tournaments
The four main tournaments of the golf village will take place as follows: The Masters (April 9-12), PGA Championship (May 14-17), US Open (June 18-21), and The Open Championship (16-19 / 7). The Ryder Cup team tournament takes place from September 25-27.
Play-offs and NBA finals
The play-off round of the American professional basketball tournament (NBA) will take place from April 19. The series of NBA finals take place on 5/6. Earlier, the NBA All-Star Game 2020 match took place on February 16.
Champions League final (May 30)
The Champions League final of the 2019/20 season takes place in Istanbul on May 30. This year, the grave tone promises to witness the extremely fierce race. Defending champions Liverpool will not be easy to successfully defend the champion.
Euro 2020 (12 / 6-12 / 7)
Euro 2020 is the most important tournament of world football this year, bringing together 24 top European teams. Even in terms of attractiveness, Euro 2020 is more appreciated at the World Cup because the teams in Europe are of high quality and uniform. The tournament will take place within 1 month from 12/6 to 12/7. Portugal is the defending champion of the tournament.
Olympic 2020 (24 / 7-31 / 12)
Immediately after Euro 2020, the world fans will be watching the 2020 Olympic Games held in Japan. This is the most attractive tournament of the world sports village with the participation of 206 countries. The 2020 Olympics will see the competition of 11,091 athletes in 33 sports with 339 medal sets.
AFF Cup 2020 (November 23-31)
The AFF Cup is the most important football event in Southeast Asia. Two years after winning the championship, the Vietnamese team will face the difficult task of retaining the throne, when both Indonesia and Thailand invite “good” coaches from Korea and Japan. It is expected that by mid-2020, AFF will hold a draw for this tournament.