Controversial victories at UFC

In UFC, the referee’s decision has a significant influence on the matches that take place in all 5 innings. Sometimes, the boxers’ competition is inversely proportional to the referee’s score. Alexander Volkanovski (left) and Max Holloway (UFC 251, 11/7). The game caused fans to debate, after the referee decided the winner was Volkanovski. Holloway knocked […]

Injury, defeat and unsportsmanlike behavior engulf Arsenal

Brighton’s defeat on the field caused Arsenal to lose a lot of things, from the score to the pillar of injury and finally unsportsmanlike behavior, badly affecting the image of the young midfielder Matteo Guendouzi’s team. Arsenal entered Brighton’s game with great determination in the battle to win tickets to the European Cup next season. […]

Basic basketball rules

Basketball has become a developed sport in many nations in recent years. However, not everyone is knowledgeable about the basic rules of basketball currently applied in professional basketball tournaments today.Rules of the team participating in basketball competitionsComposition of a basketball team includes: The maximum number of players in a team is 12, including the captain […]