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Wombaroo Pig Milk Replacer is a highly digestible, easily prepared milk substitute that is formulated to closely resemble the nutrient composition of sow milk. Wombaroo contains acceptable levels of linoleic acid and lysine, nutrients that are are essential for optimum piglet growth. Use Wombaroo for rearing orphaned piglets or supplementing poorly nourished piglets from large litters.

ORPHANED PIGLETS: Success in raising orphaned piglets will be greatly enhanced if they receive colostrum after birth. Healthy piglets should weigh between 1.2 and 1.4Kg at birth and increase body weight by about 200g per day. Piglets should be kept in a clean, draught-free environment that is maintained at about 30 C. Feed Wombaroo for the first ten days by dividing the recommended milk volume for body weight into four daily feeds. Milk should be warmed to about 30 C. Piglets may be bottle-fed or stomach tubed, however they can be easily taught to lap from a shallow bowl at an early age. commence weaning after ten days by introducing a quality creep or weaner food into the diet while reducing the volume of Wombaroo fed.

LARGE LITTERS: Average litter size has increased in recent years due to improved breeding and management techniques.  Litters in excess of 11 piglets suffer greater mortality because average birth weight decreases and more piglets are born with a body weight under 1Kg. These smaller piglets should be removed from the litter and either raised as orphans on Wombaroo or supplemented with Wombaroo till they attain normal body weight and then fostered to another sow.

LOW BIRTH WEIGHT PIGLETS: Piglets with a birth weight of less than 800g are subject to a mortality rate as high as 60 percent. These piglets really survive because they are unable to attach to a teat. They become progressively weaker and die from starvation or overlay.  Use Wombaroo to bring these pickets up to weight for age and then either continue to hand-rear or establish them on a foster sow.

Consult your veterinarian for more advice about caring for piglets.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Wombaroo is a powder available in pack sizes of 1kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.  When unopened it is stable till expiry date, usually about 14 months, if stored in a cool, dry place. The product is reconstituted by the addition of pre-boiled water and once prepared can be stored for 24 hours if refrigerated or up to two weeks if frozen.

ECONOMY: On average, an orphaned piglet raised over 12 days should consume about five litres of Wombaroo and gain about 2.5Kg in body weight. For as little as $10.50 to completely hand-rear a piglet, Wombaroo is a decidedly cost effective way to reduce pre-weaning mortality.

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