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This product was originally developed as a protein supplement for captive flying foxes. However it is now used extensively by animal carers and keepers as a protein booster in the diet of many fruit and nectar eating animals. The sources of protein in this supplement are soy protein isolate, whey protein isolates of high lactalbumin content and hydrolysed casein. Together these ingredients produce a protein mix with an excellent amino acid composition. The supplement is fortified with vitamins, minerals and the essential fatty acids a-linolenic acid, EPA and DHA. Product palatability and protein quality make it a useful food additive to boost the protein level in the diet of debilitated animals.

PROTEIN REQUIREMENTS: Providing protein intake supplies adequate levels of all essential amino acids then maintenance protein requirement for mammals ranges from about 1.5g to 6g per kg-0.75 per day. Protein requirement is related to the amount of energy expended. If there is no gain in body weight then energy intake can be substituted for energy expended. An average value of 6mg of protein per kJ of energy intake can be used to estimate maintenance protein requirement. For Wombaroo this translates into 90mg per kJ of energy or 4g per kg-0.75 per day. The amount of supplement needed will depend on the protein quantity and quality in the existing diet and the species of animal.

FRUGIVOROUS ANIMALS: Fruit can represent a large proportion of the diet for some animals and birds. To ensure that there is sufficient quality protein in their diet disperse 2 heaped teaspoons of Wombaroo High Protein Supplement over each 100g of fruit.

FLYING FOXES: Disperse 2 heaped teaspoons of Wombaroo High Protein Supplement over 300g of fresh cut apple and feed this quantity to each adult animal. Increase the amount of supplement to 4 heaped teaspoons when feeding pregnant or nursing females and juveniles.

OTHER USES: Wombaroo High Protein Supplement can be substituted for the High Protein Cereal used in the many food recipes for animals and birds. You only need to use half the quantity of Wombaroo High Protein Supplement because of its superior protein quality and higher concentration.


Wombaroo High Protein Supplement is available in the following sizes.

250g, 1Kg and 5Kg packs

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