Echidna Milk Replacer

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As described in elsewhere in this web site (please click here to read), this product is available in 2 stages or strengths for different aged joeys.

      Front Label Rear Label

Stage <30

Available in
1 litre packs

For joeys less than 30 days old.
Furless.  Pink skin.  Eyes Closed.  Pouch bound.
Faeces: Yellow custard to toothpaste consistency.

Stage >30

Available in
1 litre packs

For joeys older than 30 days old.
Fur: By 60 days furred with spines emerging.
Faeces: Toothpaste to soft then firm green pellets.

Gradually change joey from one milk stage to the next as indicated in the chart below.  This chart is only a guide and does not take into account differences due to sex or subspecies.

Echidna young suck vigorously and milk can be consumed up to a rate of 2ml per minute.  This rapid intake of milk with high nutrient content means that young echidna feed infrequently and intervals between feeds may be as long as 48 hours.

Milk Age
Body Length
<30 Up to 30 115 95 As per label
Transition 31 to 35 12ml <30 +  3ml >30   15
from 36 to 40  9ml <30 +  6ml >30   15
<30 to >30 41 to 45  6ml <30 +  9ml >30   15
  46 to 49  3ml <30 + 12ml >30   15
Out of Pouch
60 200 360 ***

*** Age estimation based on body length becomes inaccurate when applied to more advanced juveniles.  Echidna young leave the pouch at similar ages but at vastly different sizes.  It is also difficult to accurately measure body length in older juveniles.  Age estimation based on body weight is inaccurate after day 50.  Growth rate is now about 20g per day.


Once joey has reached about 500g introduce solid food into the diet.  Start by mixing small amounts of Wombaroo Small Carnivore Food into the milk.  Over about 4 weeks, slowly increase the amount of solids while decreasing the amount of milk.  During this time the mix should change in consistency from a thin porridge to a thick paste.  At about 700g change to the adult diet.


Mix about 9 parts of Wombaroo Small Carnivore Food with 1 part of finely crushed termite mound, including some termites.  Slowly mix with water to the desired consistency.

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